I could turn thirty all day long and not think twice about it, but nothing made me feel old like realizing I graduated from college ten years ago. I’ve been out of college for a DECADE, for two and a half times longer than I was in college. Ew, gross. Forget I ever said that.

When we realized we were coming up on 10 years since graduation, some of my closest friends from college decided to get together and have a little reunion. Since Tom and I were close friends in college, these are some of his best friends, too.




We all packed up our cars and hopped on trains and travelled from Raleigh and New York City to spend a weekend together.

Like any reunion, lots of things were different than they were 10 years ago. Some of us have kids now, and they sure tend to change things. But lots was the same, too — and that’s what stood out to me — we ate a ton, no one got enough sleep, hardly anyone wore makeup, conversation was easy, Jimmy Eat World was playing in the background, and Tom still does that thing where, almost anytime his friend Ryan says or does anything, his whole body becomes paralyzed with silent laughter for at least five minutes.





It seems impossible that I graduated 10 years ago. My four years at Virginia Tech are still some of my brightest memories, and the friends I made there still — and always will — hold a unique place in my heart.

College was an incredibly formative time, but the time that has followed has been just as full. We’ve suffered loss and grief; celebrated births and new beginnings. We can look back and see God’s faithfulness and look forward with great hope.




When we graduated ten years ago, we were all wide-eyed college kids who used AIM. We’ve grown up…a bit…but now this group includes a pastor an actor…a mommyblogger. 10 yeas later, we hash-tagged our weekend, and no one uses AIM because we all have smartphones. But we still remember each other’s screen names. 10-year college reunions are the perfect time to rollout that sort of information.

I was trying to think of the last time that most of us were all together, and I had a hard time nailing it down. Maybe at my wedding five years ago? Then I realized we’ve never been all together. This group is brand new, because now it includes significant others and kids. It’s grown and multiplied and even better than it was back in 2004.


Before one of our meals, our friend Tanner lead us in prayer. He thanked God for this group of friends and for their role in growing his faith. That perfectly sums it up — that’s why these friends are so special. As amazing as Virginia Tech was, college was incredible because these people encouraged me — and now also my family — to trust in Christ.

Thanks for so many years of friendship. You guys are awesome.

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  1. Meredith August 23, 2014

    This is such a wonderful post!!! Looked like an awesome weekend.


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