We had a visit from some old friends this weekend

We had a visit from some old friends this weekend. It’s good for us to have visitors. Otherwise I’m not sure I’d ever clean the bathrooms. The boys ended our brunch with a sing-a-long. It sounded something like this. (Tanner forgot his wings. But he remembered his banjo.)

Puppy dawgs

When I went off to college as an impressionable, uncertain 17-year old, God was so good to put me in a dorm smack dab in the middle of some amazing girls. We became quick and necessary friends. The hallmark of our group was our obnoxious use of the term “dawg”. I say obnoxious because we

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Operation: Eat out

I’ve never been a worrier, planner or think-aheader. I’m the person who packs moments before a trip and doesn’t bother to look up directions. My mantra: everything will work out  just fine. And ya know what? It usually does. It’s why God puts people like Tom in my life, because sometimes it pays off to

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Baby shark, baby shark

This is my best friend, Jenny. I also have a picture of her LOOKING at the camera, but the horse in the background makes me a little nostalgic. You see, we grew up riding horses together. Aren’t we adorable? I’m wearing a hairnet. Fun fact: ladies are supposed to wear hairnets at horse shows. Betcha

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