Tom told me that this week was the coldest on record in March. We are so lucky to be alive during this historical moment.

Winter is, I hope, having its last gasp; snow, ice, frigid temperatures.

I did posts in honor of summer and fall, and  though winter is not my favorite, I’m also a middle child, and no self-respecting middle child would leave anyone out.

Winter has a few perks. A precious, tiny, few perks.

We’ll start here: indoor water play. David “plays in the water” at least three times a day and asks to “play in the water” at least ten times more than that. I fill a bowl, give him a few toys and scoops, and let him play until things get raucous. Then he gets down, walks a lap around the house, comes back, takes one look at the sink, thinks, HMMMM, MAYBE I’LL TRY SOMETHING NEW! THAT SINK LOOKS LIKE A GOOD IDEA!, and scoots his stool over to the sink while saying, “I play in the water, please, Mommy?”


But winter fun doesn’t stop at the kitchen sink.

There’s also mornings watching trucks from the window with friends.


Little boys in yellow boots.


Baking cookies


(Or standing at the counter eating butterscotch morsels while Mommy makes cookies. “I love these, Mommy! I do!”)

Bundled up babies at the park


Art projects


RSV nebulizer treatments


Wait. How did that get in here? That’s one of the worst parts of winter.

Let’s get back on track.

Winter is also good for…
Snow day picnics with neighbors.


Indoor sensory play


…more sensory play…



so much sensory play…


Making forts


And the best part of winter? Unexpected sunny afternoons.



Winter: to know you is to resent you.


  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast March 7, 2014

    So many precious pictures! I love all the sensory play. I used to do that a lot with L. Now she makes up her own projects. Lately, she’s been really into cutting out pictures and re-glueing them into her own “book” and trying to write a few words in there. It’s so fun to watch them learn!

  2. Jessie March 10, 2014

    Your little man is too cute for words. I love that you share all these precious moments with all of us. It’ll be so nice to have something to look back at (posts), to see what happened when & where.


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