Anna all-the-time

Anna’s preschool ended in May, just a few weeks before the big kids got out of school.

In that in-between time,  Anna and I spent a lot of quality time together. We are used to spending a lot of time together, but a few hours of preschool three days a week gave us the exact break we needed. I had plenty of time to go for a run, hit the grocery store, and spend a little time zoning out on Instagram. No preschool means no breaks and the big kids still being in school means that instead of breaks I’m on entertainment duty all day.

When all four kids are home it means a lot of dishes and laundry and a LOT of fighting, but it also means that the four kids hang out. Simply put, here’s the secret to having a big family: four kids is a LOT of kids, but one kid is way harder than four kids.

One day Anna was sitting in my lap for the seventh hour in a row, and while she HADN’T noticed I’d asked her to loosen her barnacle grip for JUST a second…she did notice I was picking at my nail polish.

“Mom, why are you doing that? Why are you taking your polish off with your nails?”

I answered her through gritted teeth, completely honestly.

“Honestly? It’s because I’m frustrated. I’m running out of patience so I’m fidgeting. I have a lot to do and I just need a break.”

Anna looks up at me with her big beautiful eyes and sweetly asks, “A break from your nail polish?”

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