Mary Virginia likes to play house, and whenever she does, she assigns everyone a character. For example, last weekend she was playing house at the beach. She was the mommy, David was the daddy, Tom was the grandpa, and I was the mermaid statue.

One morning before playing house we were ironing out the details:

Mary Virginia: But Mommy, if I’m the mommy then who will you be?

Me: (still cleaning up from breakfast and not really wanting to stop to play) Maybe I can be the maid?

Mary Virginia: But what is the maid?

Me: The maid is like the person who lives in the castle and does all the cooking and cleaning.

Mary Virginia: No, that’s the mommy.

(I asked her why she had black marker on her face and she responded, “I don’t have black marker on my face.”)



  1. Peggy Krieger January 24, 2017

    Clearly, the King needs to up his cooking/cleaning game in the castle.


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