Mary Virginia likes to play house, and whenever she does, she assigns everyone a character. For example, last weekend she was playing house at the beach. She was the mommy, David was the daddy, Tom was the grandpa, and I was the mermaid statue.

One morning before playing house we were ironing out the details:

Mary Virginia: But Mommy, if I’m the mommy then who will you be?

Me: (still cleaning up from breakfast and not really wanting to stop to play) Maybe I can be the maid?

Mary Virginia: But what is the maid?

Me: The maid is like the person who lives in the castle and does all the cooking and cleaning.

Mary Virginia: No, that’s the mommy.

(I asked her why she had black marker on her face and she responded, “I don’t have black marker on my face.”)


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  1. Peggy Krieger January 24, 2017

    Clearly, the King needs to up his cooking/cleaning game in the castle.


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