Aside from her cameo last November, this is Mary Virginia’s first Semantics post. It surprised me because she makes us laugh all day, every day. There’s something about her tone, her enunciation, her confidence with speech — she talks like an adult but sounds like a two-year old, and it’s all hilarious. This is her first post, but I could easily re-name this blog “Things Mary Virginia says that make us laugh so hard we spit out our coffee” and update it on the hour.

[Semantics is a series of posts designed to record the conversations, mispronunciations, and sweet misunderstandings I’d probably forget otherwise.]

livingongrace 2

For a few months Mary Virginia has been showing strong signs of readiness for potty training; she even successfully uses the potty a few times a day. I’m delaying it as much as possible, though, because whenever I consider potty training a toddler while also taking care of a newborn all I can think about is how uninterested I am in rushing a toddler to the potty while also breastfeeding. Or lifting a toddler onto the potty while also breastfeeding. Or cleaning up accidents while also breastfeeding. Or…do I need to go on? And by the way, she has the rest of her life to use a potty, let’s just enjoy the diaper phase for a little longer shall we, Mary Virginia?

We still spend a lot of time talking about the potty…
Me: Mary Virginia? What was that? Are you pooping? Is there poop in your diaper?

Mary Virginia: No, I not pooping. I just pass gas. Like Da-Da.

livingongrace 1


  1. So funny! I was just thinking about finding some way to record my grandkids’ adorable little mispronunciations before they grow out of them. Maybe take a photo of them in front of the “summertery” beside our church? Remind them somehow how much they loved eating cuke-bumbers? Whatever I decide to do, I’m sure it will turn out to be perfen! Visiting you from the Mom Blogs Party.

  2. Kathy July 12, 2015

    Very cheeky pics….her personality is shining through in these. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Ally July 13, 2015

    That is great! haha. Always love these semantics posts…keep ’em coming!

  4. Saira July 15, 2015

    CUTE! Thanks for sharing at the Mom Resource Blog Party!


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