If you know Mary Virginia at all you know that she is very, very aware of her wardrobe. She prefers dresses. Skirts are ok. Pants are intolerable.

She also loves anytime I wear a dress or a skirt, which actually isn’t very often. The first time she saw me in my bathrobe she exclaimed, “OH MOMMY! I do like that dress!”

But her tone was more — “Well, it’s not the ball gown I’d hoped for but this is at least a step in the right direction.”

I know I could do better. But in my defense, even Cinderella has an entire flock of birds helping her with that chignon in the morning.

One morning, after I got dressed —


Mary Virginia: Well, I do see that you’re wearing your Halloween costume today, Mommy.

Me: My Halloween costume? Why do you think I’m wearing my Halloween costume?

Mary Virginia: Because you have your black pants. And your black eyes.




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