A few weeks ago I saw one of my neighbors, who doesn’t have kids, walk out her door, get in her car, and drive away. I watched her, completely amazed. Even more amazing, I thought, was the possibility that the idea had struck her just moments before, “Oh, I think I’ll make a quick trip to Starbucks!” and then she stood up, opened her door, and walked out.

Just like that.

It’s hard to comprehend because in my house, we have to start planning to leave the night before. Even then, the act of walking out the door takes at least forty-five minutes of packing, potty stops, nursing the baby, looking for shoes, sending someone to time out, re-packing bags that got pilfered while Mommy was out of the room, one more potty stop…and that’s all just to go into the backyard.

The entire time, I’m repeating the same instructions over and over and over.

The other day I was holding Thomas in his carseat in one arm, my purse and coffee in the other, and propping the screen door open with my leg while David dawdled in the doorway in front of me.

Me: David, go out the door.


Me: David, go out the door.


Me: David, go out the door. Go out the door, David. David, go out the door. Go out the door! GO OUT THE DOOR!

David: finally, walks out the door

I walk out, and kneel in front of David so we’re eye-to-eye

Me: David, didn’t you hear me the first time? Why do I have to repeat myself so much?

David: Oh, I’m sorry, Mommy. I thought you were singing a song.



  1. Ally October 2, 2015

    totally just laughed out loud. This is great!

  2. Carie October 2, 2015

    Oh that slated me – you could have been talking about just about any morning at our house!!

  3. Kristie October 2, 2015


  4. Suzie@homemaker-mom October 4, 2015

    ooooo I remember those days. But with teens its not much better! Yikes!

  5. Kristy October 4, 2015

    I laugh only because it sounds like my life!

  6. LOLOL!!!! Oh, I too envy those women who can just get up and go! This post is hysterical! It describes so well exactly what every mom experiences! #mummyandus

  7. Becky, Cuddle Fairy October 5, 2015

    Yes, David go out the door is a very popular song among mother’s all right lol Just replace David with your own child’s name. Love this post – it’s so true & repeating myself is such a pet peeve of mine!! #MummyandUs x

  8. Mackenzie Glanville October 5, 2015

    oh my gosh that is so cute, it would be hard to be mad at that! Really funny, so glad you shared this with me #mummyandus

  9. Lisa October 5, 2015

    This post really transports me back in time, I’m now in the blissful state with 2 teenage boys who can just hop out the house & into the car at a moments notice!! Stopping by from #mummyandus

  10. Kirsten Toyne October 5, 2015

    That is great. Wow! Kids blow you away at times. Kirsten

  11. Helena October 6, 2015

    I’ve been known to have patience but I understand how that can be testing. I find it amusing that he thought it was a song but I’m sure if my daughter had said that I’d be left feeling grrrr. Getting ready the day/night before is something I’m trying to get into the habit of here but my hubby keeps going to the bag for nappy changing when he could go upstairs and get them! #Mummyandus


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