Last Sunday we had an unusually hard time getting ourselves and the kids ready for church. By the time we were all dressed and had everyone’s bags packed, and were walking out the door, church had already started.

We loaded everyone into the car, and as we drove Tom and I discussed the intricacies of the 649-step process of getting ready in the morning. Where did we get hung up? How can we streamline? And most pressing, since we were late — whose fault was it?

David was mostly quiet, until he decided it was time to talk about something more important.

David: Mommy! Look! We’re a gutter.

Me: What? A gutter? What gutter, buddy?

David: NO! TO cutter!

Me: To cutter?

David: No, Mommy! WE’RE TO CUTTER! LOOK!

[Looking around, what could he possibly be looking at? How does he know the word gutter? Or maybe he’s calling something a cutter? Mudder? Butter?]

Me: David, I don’t know what a cutter is.


Me: Ah, together. We’re together. Yes, we are. Thanks, David.




  1. Meredith June 26, 2014

    And together is all that matters!! 🙂 we have the exact same problem on Sunday mornings. Throw walking the dog in there too. I’m pretty sure our solution involves me getting up at 6 and getting myself completely ready before anyone else is up. I don’t like that solution.

  2. Grammy June 27, 2014

    Being together is very important. David Andrew is right!!

  3. Katrina July 4, 2014

    LOL how precious…that was important for him to acknowledge – how sweet.
    Found you via Jodi – so pleased I did!
    xx Katrina


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