Imitating life

It has been unreasonably hot here for the past few weeks — we’ve spent all of our time in the air conditioning or the pool or wishing that’s where we were. But don’t misunderstand me — even when I’m sweating through my shorts at the park, chasing the shade and praying for a breeze? Just a small one? Is a breeze be too much to ask? Even when I’m spending all of my time placing my palm on playground equipment, making sure the slide won’t give my 14-month old a third-degree burn. Even then. Even then I cannot be convinced that summer is anything but the most wonderful time of year.

This week we’ve had a break in humidity and one morning before breakfast, the kids took Mary Virginia’s basket of doll toys and dumped it out on the deck. I discovered them playing, and I have no idea where they get this stuff.

play 1

Mary Virginia, putting sunscreen on her dog Hudson. She told him to be still or it might get in his eyes. And he wasn’t still and it got in his eyes, she hugged him and said, “If you just ignore it and swim it will stop hurting.”

play 2

David caught his toy cat, who he named Eyeball, playing in the potty. That’s why you gotta keep the bathroom door closed, David. Rookie mistake.

This sort of play always makes me chuckle. And while I would have preferred to find Mary Virginia reading to her dog, or David making a batch of homemade muffins, I’m just thankful no one was shouting, “DON’T TALK TO MOMMY UNTIL AFTER SHE HAS HER COFFEE!”


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  1. Erin D August 12, 2016

    Love how you capture these moments. They are such great little snapshots in time. You’ll love looking back at these posts one day!


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