Hippity hoppity, happy Easter day

As holiday celebrations go, we had a very low-key Easter this year. Easter baskets on table, hard-boiled eggs and jelly beans for breakfast. Simple, and still, we were positively scrambling out the door to get to church on time.

At some point in the chaos of getting seven people dressed and out the door my mom smiled a knowing smile and said, “Holidays will always be like this.”

It was the perfect “I’ve been there” comment that said so much. Most importantly, it said you aren’t doing anything wrong. So what you’ve been up for four hours and that’s still not enough time to feed and dress everyone? Things aren’t crazy because you are unprepared or disorganized or because you tried to fit too much into the morning. Things are just crazy because you have three small kids and it’s Easter morning. So embrace it and put your shoes on, we’re late for church.

easter 1

Mary Virginia got a duck bathing suit in her Easter basket, and she wore it (and this smile) all morning. 

easter 2

And this one. Looking at this photo, you’d never guess he was up for consecutive hours the night before. Trying to catch the Easter bunny in the act, I suppose.

easter 3

Tom took a bunch of pictures of my mom reading to the kids while I got ready. It was hard to choose the best shot; this won out because it shows off my mom’s awesome taste in shoes. 


  1. Linda Garrett April 5, 2016

    And your mom’s awesome legs.

    • amandakrieger April 5, 2016

      HAHA! Yes! I was going to say that but I didn’t want to embarrass her 🙂

  2. Brenda Payne April 6, 2016

    And that little hat!! Oh my.


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