Easter smiles

Pretty dresses, a toddler-sized sport coat, Tom in a tie, and our last Easter as a family of four. As if I needed another excuse to take a family photo.

Before we left for church, our kids were more than happy to sit with my parents’ dog for photos.

eastersmiles 5

They sat there and smiled perfectly. We had plenty of time to arrange their poses, make sure they were smiling. We all took photos with our phones, came up with clever hashtags and posted them to Facebook and the kids were still sitting there smiling.

When they were with the dog they were like, “Mommy, is there anything else we could do to make this photo better? Should I turn my head to catch the light? Do you want me to tidy up the toys so the background isn’t so cluttered?”

Then Mommy and Daddy wanted to be in a photo they remembered that they’re monsters. This is Mommy and Mary Virginia…and on the right, running out of the frame? That’s Daddy removing David for a quick, um, pep talk about how gentlemen behave when they’re wearing sport coats.


(It was actually really reminiscent of last year when we tried to take an Easter family photo. Except for his socks and shoes, David is wearing the same outfit.)

After church we tried again.

Take two was much, much better.

eastersmiles 3

These photos aren’t perfect, but they are silly, fun and happy. (I prefer all of that to perfect anyway. I couldn’t pick my favorite.)

eastersmiles 4

eastersmiles 1

eastersmiles 2


  1. Katherine A. April 6, 2015

    So I started reading people’s facebook captions. Turns out all the “good picture” parents used candy.

    Or I like to believe they did. 🙂

  2. Meredith April 8, 2015

    These are all great 🙂 🙂 So funny that they posed so still and perfectly with the dog!

  3. elissa April 8, 2015

    So cute. Really good photos 🙂 Maybe you need a dog to get some more photos of those cuties……

  4. Amber April 9, 2015

    Note to self: borrow someone’s dog for my next round of family pictures….
    Like you said, the real family pictures are the best of all. They’re the ones that bring back the most memories.
    Found you through the Little Things Link Up
    Great pictures and Happy Easter!
    Amber at OurCharmedLife.net

  5. jandi April 12, 2015

    Such happy pictures!


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