Farewell to summer

Over Labor Day weekend we visited my parents for one more summer adventure — one more hotdog on the grill, one more bowl of ice cream on the deck, one more dip in the pool.

laborday 1

David has been asking to go swimming and Grammy and Gramps’s pool since the moment he dried off at the end of vacation. He loves swimming, and watching him love swimming is wonderful.

This past weekend, we realized David could touch the bottom in the shallow end of the pool. With that realization, my bold, wild little boy found a new gear.

laborday 3

laborday 4

laborday 5

In something like ten minutes he figured out how to flip, touch the bottom, and swim across the pool underwater.

All the while Mary Virginia floated around in her duck and cried when her hair got wet…

laborday 8

laborday 2 (1)

…And David jumped forwards and sideways and backwards.

laborday 6

laborday 7

laborday 1 (1)

We had to bribe him with a bowl of ice cream to get him out of the pool because he could not stop. And even then, he negotiated up to a bowl of ice cream with M&Ms.

(I don’t blame you, David. Maybe if we stay in the pool forever summer will never end.)


The weather will feel summer-like for a few more weeks in Richmond, but I can sense the season changing. School will start soon, acorns are falling from the oak tree in my backyard. The other day I saw a giant display of holiday decorations at A.C. Moore — THERE ARE ONLY 105 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!

Farewell, summer. You are my favorite.

laborday 2

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