COVID-19 Quarantine Week Four

I barely took any pictures this week. This is getting old. At the same time, I can tell we’re settling in.

This week was supposed to be our spring break. We didn’t have any huge plans, just some loose talks about a day trip that never even had time to take shape before the quarantine got in the way.

I was tidying the kids’ room one day when I saw a sign by David’s bed, “David remember, make the most out of these days. After spring break you will have to do schoolwork. So go have some fun!!!!!!”

I love his enthusiasm, but does he know me? We must have really over-sold their post-spring break school expectations.

That said, the kids HAVE been making the most of their days. They’ve been playing and creating, and for all the whining and fighting I hear, they aren’t downcast about the quarantine like I thought they would be.

Those of us quarantining with kids have a unique set of challenges (particularly the families with two working parents — y’all have my sincerest admiration). The kids mean that I don’t have any of this extra time I hear people talking about. It means that if we stay up late binging Tiger King, we pay for it when our little alarm clocks go off the next morning. Plus, I have to make three meals a day for six people.

Even with all that, I’m so grateful for the enthusiasm they bring to this. That’s what I want to remember — that when the world was sick and scared, and the economy was in actual free fall, these kids were bouncing around with energy and excitement because it’s SPRING BREAK, Mom! Let’s go have some fun!

Serious question. Is it possible to read TOO much? We make him get up every few hours to make sure he doesn’t start growing into the couch.

We’ve found two snakes already this year, including this guy this weekend. Apparently my kids didn’t inherit my irrational fear of harmless snakes.

That post-nap glassy-eyed stare. Every afternoon after Anna’s nap all the kids get popsicles. Anna wakes up asking, “Lollipop? Lollipop?”

Caught these two reading Magic School Bus. Brigham can’t resist Ms. Frizzle.

We dyed eggs in preparation for Easter. I love messy crafts, but this is one of the only ones I do with wine in hand. I’m going to write a full egg-dyeing post later because I was struck by how egg dyeing is one of those traditions that really evolves as kids grow up.

On Saturday I spent an obscene amount of time making an unnecessarily complicated cake. My friend Courtney had the idea of making a cake as part of her hope to make the holiday special this year, despite the circumstances. I loved the idea.

The only problem is that I didn’t realize we only had a few cups of powdered sugar when Tom did our once-every-two-weeks grocery run. (Also, six layers with one cake pan is an unreal time suck.)

After all that work, on Easter day I decided to not even serve the cake. After all the candy and cinnamon rolls it just seemed like overkill.

We’re eating it Easter Monday, and who knows it might become a tradition after all.

Speaking of Easter, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a few photos from Easter Sunday. I’m going to also do a whole post on our Easter morning, but these are my favorite Easter photos.

I’m thankful that my kids didn’t seem too put out by putting on “fancy” clothes even though we weren’t going to church. (Mary is the only one in anything that I bought for the occasion. I got her dress back in February. Everyone else is wearing stuff we already had. Lessons from the quarantine! We buy too many clothes!)

I’m thankful that we can still worship even though our church family cannot meet in person.

I’m thankful for how the Truth grounds us in this uncertain, anxious time. Jesus came and walked among us in our weakness and suffering, took it all on, and conquered the grave on our behalf.

This is our hope.

He is risen!

He is risen INDEED!



  1. Kinzy April 14, 2020

    It’s so great to see the world through our children’s eyes! Happy Easter!

  2. Beth April 14, 2020

    It looks like y’all are making the most of a not so great situation. They look like they’re having fun but no thanks to the snakes! 🙂

  3. Melissa April 15, 2020

    Lovely photos and I adore the post nap diaper clad Popsicle pic.

  4. Dana April 15, 2020

    Happy Easter! There is never such thing as to much reading, however, I guess there is when it brings down your moods, but it is so good for learning. I absolutely love the Easter picture. We both have a fear of snakes!

  5. J casey April 15, 2020

    Looks like your having fun, we are definitely settling in here as well!

  6. Ani April 15, 2020

    That cake looks so good! Nice work mama!


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