While we wait

We are in the middle of the late-pregnancy waiting game. Maybe tomorrow we’ll wake up, make breakfast, go to the park, have lunch, shirk a few chores, and count the minutes until Daddy gets home. Or maybe tomorrow I will have a baby and our family will be forever changed.

Who knows.

The weather just turned — it’s officially warm. And while heat highlights the discomfort of late pregnancy, I am celebrating, because it is so much easier to be a mommy on a sunny day than on a cold, rainy one. Our spring was chilly and rainy, and I was THIS CLOSE to opening a bag of Cheetos and throwing it like confetti all over the living room because maybe a little Cheeto scavenger hunt would keep the kids from fighting for a few minutes and I’M OUT OF IDEAS.

At this stage of pregnancy, the only thing I have energy to do is eat and complain, but there are suddenly so many possibilities because it’s WARM! And I’m not even talking about loading up the van and heading to the splash pad or the neighborhood park. I’m talking about our backyard, where we have so much fun and don’t even have to get dressed!

We’ll have standing water back there until Thanksgiving, but whatever, we have a baby on the way. We’re all making concessions.

23months 1

The water table. I don’t even understand why they love this thing so much, but my kids play in it for hours. If you have toddlers and you don’t have one, stop what you’re doing right now and get one

whilewewait 2 (1)

whilewewait 1 (1)

Painting. David made a rocket ship, Mary Virginia made a mess. We used this washable paint recipe.

whilewewait 2

whilewewait 3

The sprinkler! David has always loved the sprinkler, Mary Virginia is horrified. She stands a safe distance away and tries to test the water with her hand. If water touches her head or face, she runs to me, screaming. I asked her why she didn’t like it and she placed her hand on the nape of her neck and, like Zsa Zsa Gabor leaving the beauty parlor, she answered, “My hair.”

whilewewait 4

whilewewait 5

whilewewait 6

Popsicles in the backyard with neighbors.
…and then we clean their sticky hands by turning on the hose and filling up the water table. 

whilewewait 7

whilewewait 8

whilewewait 9


  1. Praying that baby comes soon and all healthy! You take fabulous pictures and you have some great looking kids. This is my first time on your site, so I loved getting a little inside scoop to your family. Hope all is well, and I will be checking back in soon to see if there is any update on that sweet new baby. 🙂

  2. Jessi Von Bank May 11, 2015

    Girl. Nice sprinkler action shot. Very impressed over here

  3. Katherine A. May 12, 2015

    Great first paragraph. Because it was funny … and true.

  4. sarita May 13, 2015

    WhaT COOL SUMMER FUN!!! Ugh I remember that waiting game well!!! Soon, girlie, soon!!

  5. Liz daRosa May 13, 2015

    Your kids are adorable! I remember how l…o….n….g those last moments of pregnancy are, the anticipation, the clock watching and then Bam a baby! (ok, not that fast). Good luck!!


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