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Mary Virginia loves babies. She acts like an over-eager grandmother when she hears about an infant. She gets so excited that she starts talking in falsetto, and has to channel her energy into frantically knitting tiny sweaters and bootees. Then when she’s actually in the room with an infant, she transforms into a middle-school-aged boy with a crush. She really wants to be close to the baby, to touch the baby, to kiss the baby. But she doesn’t quite know what to do, so she just avoids eye contact.

Last week we went to visit a new baby, and while she waited five agonizing seconds for me to unbuckle her carseat, she screamed, “Where is that baby? WHERE IS THAT BABY?”

felicity rich 3

Two of my very closest friends were both expecting baby girls on the same day. One came a bit early and the other came a bit late, and here they are — born two weeks apart, separated by one ounce, one inch and one very dark, very full head of hair.

felicity rich 2

Felicity Rich Ramsey
Born April 2
8 lbs., 5 oz., 20 in.

psalm elizabeth

Psalm Elizabeth Krieger
Born April 16
8lbs, 6oz., 21 in.

I’m so privileged to get to watch these girls grow, and to share this wonderful and challenging phase of life — when the need for community and connection is deep and can be difficult to find — with such wonderful, close friends.

Psalm_Elizabeth 1

felicity rich 1

These baby girls also serve as very, very adorable reminders that I will probably not be pregnant forever. Even though, as I approach week 38, I’m gearing up to be pregnant for at least three more weeks.

Or forever.



  1. Andrea Mitchael April 28, 2015

    These two are darling and precious! I love how they are so similar and yet have their own unique features 🙂 I am so excited for you to see how Mary Virginia will adore your new little one! Your baby will come, I promise! When I was overdue, I called a friend and asked her, do they really come out? really?
    Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk!
    ~Andrea || MitchaelJourney

  2. Brittany April 28, 2015

    What a special mothers day gift for those mommies! Those last few weeks feel like forever, here’s to hoping they go quick for you.

    Visiting from Tuesday Talk!

  3. Wholesome Joy April 28, 2015

    What beautiful little darlings! And no, I think its statistically impossible to be pregnant forever! ;P lol <3

  4. Jess April 28, 2015

    My daughter is the same way. She can sniff out a baby anywhere, any time. Haha Those girls are darling! Thanks for sharing this with us today for Tuesday Talk! We would love it if you’d link back with us – you can find the button on any one of the twelve blogs! -Jess


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