Stress-free, mess-free Easter eggs

After the race and egg hunt, we had a pre-Easter celebration with my parents and my sister’s family.

As we were planning the weekend, my sister emailed me and suggested we dye eggs as an activity with the kids. She hadn’t had a chance to do it and I hadn’t either, so Saturday seemed perfect.

Six kids, one labrador, and one grumpy pregnant lady. Why NOT add dye and eggs to the mix?

messfreeeastereggs 3

messfreeeastereggs 5

(That bulge on the bottom is a Baby Krieger photobomb — the first official picture of all seven Southall grandkids.)

messfreeeastereggs 1

messfreeeastereggs 2

messfreeeastereggs 9

messfreeeastereggs 7

messfreeeastereggs 6

messfreeeastereggs 8

As the weekend approached, I started hoping really really hard for a nice day so we could eat and let the kids play outside. Then when we decided to dye Easter eggs as well, I decided that regardless of the weather, we would be outside.

Thankfully the weather was nice.

That’s my pro tip — forget the whisk, the colander, the silk ties. If you want minimal mess, go outside.

If you want minimal stress, hang back and take pictures and let your sister and mom take over.

messfreeeastereggs 4

(And if that doesn’t work, take a cue from my mom and grab a glass of wine.)



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