So thankful we finally had a few warm days before Easter, so I could keep up with my six-year tradition of dressing my kids like rabbits and taking pictures in front of our neighbor’s landscaping.

I actually had four pairs of bunny ears, even though I am completely realistic about this sort of thing — I’m not an insane person. I didn’t foresee a full-blown photoshoot with all four kids. They were all dirty and tired from playing outside, and school, and getting them cleaned up after 4 p.m. is above my pay grade. I certainly didn’t expect it, but I also didn’t want anyone to feel left out, so I had four pairs of bunny ears.

I’ll spare you the details and the attitude, but if you’re wondering what the age limit is for willingness to wear ears and a fuzzy tail without being significantly bribed/paid, it is six and a half.

(And this is the best I could do with three.)

(Two is more manageable.)

Based on that research, I have something like six more years of bunny ears with this one.

David Bunny 2012

Mary Bunny 2014

Thomas Bunny 2016 (I actually didn’t do this with Thomas, and I have no idea why. Maybe because we were recovering from a bout of illness, or maybe because Thomas was teething. The great news is that Thomas and David look enough alike as babies that I can throw a few of David’s pics in Thomas’s baby book and no one will ever know.)



  1. Gayle Ann March 31, 2018

    Her eyes are the most amazing shade of blue, and, at least in the pictures, match the denim blanket. I have a couple sets of those ears too. Remember in the Peanuts Easter special, the Easter Beagle? At our house, it is the Easter Golden Retriever that brings the chocolate.

    I bet the egg coloring is something you do outside too, if possible. Per the news tonight, we are to have snow on Easter. No one wants to hunt for eggs in the snow. On the other hand, it will go nicely with the few people who still have their Christmas decorations up. Seriously, they should be down by Valentine Day, and no where to be seen when Peter Rabbit comes hopping down the bunny trail.

    • amandakrieger April 3, 2018

      A big YES to egg coloring outside! It’s my biggest tip for stress-free egg coloring!
      And you’re right about her eyes, it’s not just in the pictures. Mary Virginia’s were similar, they seem to lighten as they get older. Here’s Mary Virginia around the same age —


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