The Season of Advent

Yesterday (November 30) was the first day of Advent, which means today (December 1) is the second day of Advent, which means it’s not too late to start an Advent devotional

Advent is the season of waiting. And OHMIGOSH we are waiting in this house. We have a little bag of treats we got for Brigham to give him on Christmas and David CANNOT STAND THE ANTICIPATION. I keep hiding it and he keeps finding it and showing it to Brigham, totally ruining the surprise, RIGHT? So, no, I will not be wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree before Christmas.

But, back to Advent. I’m so thankful for Advent because it helps us redirect all that anticipating and longing to where it belongs — for the coming of Christ. This is a time that we draw close to God and celebrate that He kept his promise, the Savior has come.

West End Presbyterian — where we worship — has a phenomenal Advent devotional, which you can access here:

This year is the first year we’ve used their family devotional as well, The Jesse Tree project. (The Jesse Tree materials are available for download here.)

Each day there is a verse and acompanying ornament. We’re hoping to do it every evening. That way Tom and I don’t have to answer David’s questions with, “Um. Maybe we should ask Daddy when he gets home.”

Last night while David colored and Mary Virginia chewed on crayons, Tom read Isaiah 11:1-2. I wanted to talk to David about the verse because I didn’t think he’d understand it. Especially since I had questions about the symbolism of the stump.

I tried to talk to him about it as he colored his ornament.

Me: David, did you know that this verse tells us that God promised that he would send Jesus?
David: Um, Mommy I’m trying to color right now.
Me: And Jesus DID come, right? So God keeps His promises! Right?
David: Mommy, can you stop talking to me? It’s making me hard to color.

17months 067

David colored his ornament, and then while I cut it out and tied a string on it, he colored Mary Virginia’s, too.

His favorite color right now is red, and I’ll be very, very surprised if this little rosemary plant isn’t covered with red ornaments by the end of December.

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  1. Peggy December 2, 2014

    I love that you are reading scripture and teaching David and Mary Virginia about God’s promises. Never be discouraged if they don’t seem to be listening (or choosing to color instead of discussing!) . . . they are absorbing your words and even more importantly watching as you both live out your faith. “For the Word of God is living and active”.


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