This year on Halloween Day

This is how things looked in my house just before leaving to trick or treat. David was hiding behind the couch, screaming because he did NOT want to be a skeleton, he wanted to be a bat. David KNEW he was going to be a skeleton, David had ASKED, no BEGGED, to be a skeleton. He told everyone he was going to be a “stelekon” for Halloween. We talked about it for WEEKS. He woke up in the morning asking, “Is it Halloween day? Can I be a stelekon?”

Then he changed to bat. Last minute. Not allowed, kid.

Meanwhile, Mary Virginia finally fell asleep for her afternoon nap at 4:30 (I put her down at 1), and we were planning to leave the house at 5.

I suppose the situation was festive considering that Halloween is…ahem…scary.

We also got our brand new camera just before leaving, so I charged the battery just enough to use it for the night, and we all ran out the door.

This year we trick-or-treated with some friends in a part of Richmond City called The Fan. Their block closes for the holiday, so it was perfect for little ones to run and play.

Mary Virginia was completely miffed when we woke her up, so I dressed her in her ballerina outfit when we arrived. She stayed miffed all night, and didn’t really wake up until maybe the next morning, so we upgraded her costume from “ballerina” to “grumpy ballerina”.

halloween2014 001

I dressed as Kate Middleton for the second year in a row. Just like last year, no one even knew I was in costume, perhaps because the “Kate Middleton” look is just so natural on me, even with the addition of a tiara. David reluctantly wore his awesome, glow-in-the dark, homemade skeleton costume, and Tom dressed as a Best Buy employee.

Tom wasn’t planning to dress up, but when he was getting ready for work in the morning I looked at him and said, “You know you look just like a dude who works at Best Buy, right?”

So he capitalized on the coincidence. I made him a name-tag, he put on a pair of sneakers with his khakis, and he spent all night demonstrating the finer points of our new camera.

halloween2014 006

Thanks to Tom, we have a well-documented Halloween. He took great photos — of the scary, the adorable, and 0f the incredible way Mary Virginia stayed in character all night. No matter the hugs, roars, or bushels of candy that came her way, her “grumpy ballerina” expression didn’t change even once.

halloween2014 008

halloween2014 002

halloween2014 004

halloween2014 009

halloween2014 010

halloween2014 007

halloween2014 011

halloween2014 012

halloween2014 014

halloween2014 013

halloween2014 015

halloween2014 017

halloween2014 016

halloween2014 018

Keeping up with the best Halloween traditions; friends, family, too much candy, blowing past bedtime, and kids who inevitably look at a bowl of Kit Kats, Reese’s, Snickers, and pick the Tootsie Roll. Over and over and over.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.


  1. sarita November 5, 2014

    what a cool halloween…. love the kate middleton and best buy costumes too!!!

  2. Amanda November 6, 2014

    Love these costumes!!!!! Looks like ya’ll had such a blast!!

  3. Teresa November 10, 2014

    These are so pretty! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  4. Lianne November 10, 2014

    Love the costumes!!! So cute!!


  5. Courtney November 11, 2014

    Kate Middleton! Love it. Nobody knew I was in costume either until I was walking away…since I had a tail. The rest was too subtle I guess =)
    Ha, kids. Yeah sorry you get to be a skeleton. Grumpy ballerina! She is dedicated.
    Great pics too.


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