Red means go!

When I’m driving somewhere with David, I try to talk to him the whole time. When we’re at home he won’t let us read books to him or play alongside him. It’s one of the only times I have a captive audience, so I like to make the most of it.

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We spend most of the time pointing at things. His favorites are construction vehicles and cranes. I decided to show him a stop light, and since he’s just starting to learn colors, I’d tell him “Red means STOP! Green means GO!”

It took him a while, but now he gets it, and he loves it. Usually at the beginning of the car ride he gets it mixed up; green means stop, red means go. But by the time we get where we’re going, he has it all sorted out. When we stop at a light he announces, “Red means stop!” And then when it turns, he says, “GO! Green means go!”

After we go under the light, he says “More green means go.”

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He loves this little game, and starts looking for stop lights as soon as we get into the car.

So now when we go anywhere, I choose our route based on the most traffic lights and the highest possibility of driving through a construction zone.

Parenting really does make you crazy.

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  1. Andrea September 5, 2013

    Driving around for work, I’m *constantly* saying to myself, “ahhhh! Daniel would LOVE to see !!”

    • amandakrieger September 6, 2013

      So sweet 🙂 I have said to an adult, “look at the tractor!!”

  2. Kristie September 5, 2013

    You need to come visit us….they are building a high rise just around the corner from us and there is a HUGE crane there. Not to mention the added bonus of getting to walk (and stop and stare) by construction sites instead of just drive by them.

    • amandakrieger September 6, 2013

      He would love that! Cranes are his faaaaaaaavorite…and they’re hard to find!


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