Flowers for Valentine’s Day (this was all David’s idea)

Photography has gotten much harder as David’s gotten older. I miss the simple days when I could put bunny ears on him, give him a carrot to gnaw on, and have plenty of time to find an angle that would show his chubby rolls and the dogwoods in the background.

Those days are gone. Now, whenever I pull out the camera, David stops what he’s doing and runs to it screaming “Da-DEE! Da-DEE!” He doesn’t stop until I either put the camera away, or let him look at photos through the view finder.

So now I have to be more creative.

A few nights ago Tom and I were reading before bed when I realized David didn’t have a shirt for Valentine’s Day. I told Tom, and he started panicking and suggested I get out of bed and immediately order this shirt and these socks.

Haha. Ha. Ha. h.a.h.a.

With no Valentine’s Day shirt (UGH!) and a kid I have to photograph on the sly, I decided to take him outside and take pictures of him with a camellia bush.


I got this photo, and then he saw a piece of trash under the bush and it was all over.

So I dragged him away from the trash, cut a bunch of flowers, took them inside and put them on his play table. Surely he’d see them, pick them up, and give me a huge dashing Valentine’s Day smile for the camera.


He totally ignored them. Totally and completely. I showed them to him, waved them around, put a ball in the middle of the pile. Nothing.

So then I pulled out the big guns: I started arranging them, as if I DIDN’T want him to play with them.

Duh, worked like a charm.


I didn’t get the shot of him holding a flower, grinning, and blowing a kiss.


But this? This is better than nothing.


Happy Valentine’s Day, from our family to yours.

May you  be overwhelmed by God’s goodness and abundant love for you.
“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8



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