Hurricane preparedness

I just put David down for a morning nap, which isn’t going to happen because it hasn’t happened in over a week…but mama still has hope…and a fussy baby. So we’re trying.

Last week Tom was out of town for work. Before he left I told him that the one thing that would keep me sane and get me through the week was good naps. All week David didn’t nap more than an hour and fifteen minutes, and spent the rest of the day throwing tantrums because he was tired. Babies are like that.

We survived a week without Daddy, and now we’re prepping for Hurricane Sandy. By “prepping” I mean, watching the Today Show, baking a loaf of banana bread and washing a load of diapers.

Besides that we haven’t done much more. Everything is cancelled today, but so far we only have rain. Al Roker says it’s passed Virginia, then local weathermen say to batten down the hatches.

But how seriously can we take a storm named Sandy?

Sandy is the girl in the office who always has a candy bowl, and keeps her car neat. Sandy does not wreck havoc on the East Coast.

…but then this sort of puts things into perspective.

Watch out for Sandy.

This graphic courtesy of my brother-in-law Steve.


  1. Masala Chica October 29, 2012

    I love the imagery. Starts out all innocent and then next thing you know Sandy is all up in your grill, like a full blown vixen. Ah – we shall see. Just waiting it out for now!

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