My worst nightmare, battered and fried

Did you ever see the show Fear Factor? It was a reality show where bikini-clad women and shirtless men would “face their fears” by competing in icky and scary challenges for $50,000. Most of the challenges involved  eating, and some sort of swimming/underwater challenge. My brother and I really wanted to apply — most of

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We out

So far this summer we’ve taken a few long weekends here and there, but we haven’t gone on a vacation quite yet. Oh, wait. I’m a stay at home mom; every day is a vacation… For the first part of our vacation, Tom is going on a hiking trip with a good friend. They’re doing

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The hair issue

The other day I was buying some stakes at Home Depot and the cashier commented that, like David, her daughter was bald as a baby. She said she started washing it more and, guess what? Her hair grew! Maybe I should try that! Strangers make comments all the time. No, I don’t cut David’s hair.

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The best part of the Oscars

The whole time we were watching this performance, Tom kept saying, “but they’re not really doing that stuff, are they?” Yes, yes they are. (Performance begins about a minute in.) I’m glad they cut to George Clooney for five straight minutes. Because we can’t really enjoy a performance without knowing how George Clooney feels about it.

Green beans.

Yesterday one of the blogs I follow asked for Halloween photos. This particular blog is HILARIOUS…if you watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. In fact, I continue to watch the show only because her updates are so funny and not reading them would mean I’d miss a few belly laughs. (I also continue to watch

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