Uh oh.

If you happen to follow my blog with a reader (like Feedly, gReader, or Bloglovin’) you might have noticed a post this weekend that was a little different than my typical content.

I hope you realized the post wasn’t legit — we were hacked and spammed. We don’t know exactly what happened, but Tom is pounding keyboards and looking through “thousands of files” to try to figure it out and I’m helping by calling people and asking, “Did you see it? I know, terrible, right?”

If you ever see a post like this again, please drop me an email or leave a comment so we can get to the bottom of it immediately.

We’re both pretty bummed about the whole thing, especially because one of Tom’s hobbies as a kid — and I’m not making this up — was encryption. So it doesn’t really make sense because — again, not making this up — Tom doesn’t even trust me with all the passwords necessary to access this website.

We’re mostly bummed because we hate that our site was used as a platform for such, um, unsavory material.

Like I said, I hope you realize the post wasn’t mine. In fact, anytime you notice a post about anything besides complaining about winter, Mary Virginia’s sleep habits, or photos of David putting on deodorant then you could probably just assume we’ve been hacked.















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  1. Jenny Ramsey February 3, 2014

    Ugh! Creeps!

    • amandakrieger February 3, 2014

      i know! come on, people, leave my blog out of your nonsense!!

  2. Katherine A. February 3, 2014

    Sorry, girl! That is a bummer.


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