fifty states #2-#6

amanda and i were invited to a wedding in biloxi, ms, this past summer, and we decided to go and turn the drive down into a highpointing adventure. it was mostly awesome, with one major annoyance – my honda civic had some big issues with brakes that made for a harrowing drive back from mississipi.

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fifty states #1 – virginia

virginia is our home, we love it, and it was accordingly our very first state in our fifty states project. the highest point in VA is Mt. Rogers, which is in southwest virginia, near abingdon. mt. rogers is a great highpoint because you actually have to hike to get to the summit. most of the

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the fifty states project

sufjan stevens has a fifty states project, and he’s currently finished two (michigan, illinois). amanda and i have started our own. instead of creating state-themed albums, we are going to summit the highest point in each state. the rules: we must hike/run at least one mile to each high point, even if it means walking

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