My son, acting a lot like his father

My husband is sort of a tech guy. That will come as an understatement for anyone who knows him. Wherever Tom goes, he leaves a trail of various devices, chargers and cords behind him. And when we were on our honeymoon (in a cabin in Montana), he tried to teach me binary.

David’s favorite toy is and always has been a ball, but the only time I’ve found him playing quietly in his room, is when he’s gotten his hand on some sort of gadget.

Just like his daddy.

We have these Logitech speakers we use with an iPod for white noise. David loves them. I used to just let him bang them on the floor until Tom said something about “moving parts” and how he could “break” them. So now he’s not allowed to play with them. Unless he’s teething. But don’t tell Tom.

Eventually the docking part of the speakers started to act a little gimpy (whoops), so now we have to attach the iPod with an 1/8” cord. David also loves the cord. He isn’t allowed to play with this one unattended (I’d like to be there when he strangles himself) but he does have one that’s about 4” long that he’s equally fascinated with. It stays in the stroller so he can play with it when he gets fussy.

The gray cord across David’s hand is the charger for the Logitech speakers. He used to drag it around the house like a security blanket. On this particular day he found Daddy’s Garmin. The buttons beep when you press them, but he was most impressed with the GPS technology.

We have an old receiver? Stereo? Place Tom balls up and shoves his shirts? on top of a shoe organizer in our closet. David was obsessed with taking the shoes out of the organizer and then putting them in the hamper, until he noticed the electronic. Now he pulls the knob off, then tries to put it back on. I just let him do it because it entertains him for like an hour, and Real Housewives re-runs aren’t going to watch themselves.

For now he mostly thinks our computer is a Thomas the Tank delivery system, but he loves the keyboard and the mouse. Even I know he shouldn’t mess with them, because if he breaks them how will I look at strangers’ vacation photos on Facebook?

But when he uses the mouse like this? Like he’s seen us use it? Well, I think that’s just fine. Though we do hope he starts to use keyboard shortcuts soon. There’s nothing more painful than watching someone copy and paste using…the mouse.

During David’s teething-mageddon last week, Tom had some minor oral surgery. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was still oral surgery, so he was spitting blood and popping Vicodin. While I was dosing David with Ibuprofen and praying to see teeth, Tom had stitches and a numb bottom lip. Like father, like son.

Last week was agonizing and long. It was the kind of week that only had a few bright spots, and I had to scrape those off the floor and hold them up to the light.

One of those spots was looking at Tom holding David and thinking that the best thing my son could be when he grows up is just like his daddy.


  1. Laura @ Mommyrunfast October 22, 2012

    Oh, man- sorry about your rough long week. Hope everyone is feeling better by now. The tech thing is too cute! L is not fascinated by cords or gadgets at all… he’s definitely got the tech gene. 🙂

  2. Emily November 22, 2013

    My firstborn is EXACTLY his daddy, it has it’s benefits and challenges!;) haha


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