Yesterday Tom tried to weigh David in a grocery store scale

Yesterday Tom tried to weigh David in a scale at the grocery store. Everyone in the produce department was laughing, including me. I watched the whole thing from behind a display of pears.

(Unfortunately it didn’t work. He didn’t fit in the scale. From my method of weighing myself, and then weighing myself holding David, we can tell you he weighs more than 8 and less than 10 lbs.)


  1. vickie Southall September 5, 2011

    you can imagine David Andrew wearing a skirt but with the flap in front, not really. Kids do withstand their parents’ enthusiasm.

  2. vickie Southall September 5, 2011

    The things kids endure.

  3. Kristie September 6, 2011

    Actually, weighing yourself and then weighing yourself holding David should be pretty accurate. Why the range?

  4. tomamanda September 6, 2011

    we don’t trust our scale’s accuracy with ounces.

  5. Carolyn T. Bales September 12, 2011

    that’s a really funny story.


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