We spend most mornings doing dignified things like practicing our table manners, reciting the larger catechism, and discussing foreign films.

But on this particular morning it was unseasonably warm. Thomas went outside in his normal uniform — no pants, no shoes, and his favorite hand-me-down orange shirt.

He ran around pretending to be a bird, flapping his arms, shouting “HAWK! HAWK! HAWK!”

Moments like this capture the essence of Thomas. He is wild hair and a wide-open smile,  full of fun and energy, totally unencumbered by the stresses that have carved a wrinkle between my eyebrows. He is unaware of headlines, or flu season, snow in the forecast, and he doesn’t care about the monkey grass around the pool that I never got around to cutting last fall because I was too busy having a baby.

Watching Thomas run through the yard with his face full of little-boy delight is one of the huge, unfathomable delights of parenthood.

It’s also why I was able to forgive him later that day, when he skipped his nap, and then crumbed a muffin onto the floor and licked it up. Because that’s how hawks eat muffins.




  1. Gayle Ann March 8, 2018

    Please look at this link about hawks in Tompkins Park in the city. If you google, there are some updates and other updates. I just though you would really enjoy reading it.


    Do you subscribe to any of the falcon/hawk web cams? The kids might enjoy seeing the eggs hatch. I enjoy reading the tracking updates.

    PS. When I see your Thomas pictures, I’m reminded an old Ray Stevens song, “The Streak.”

    • amandakrieger March 13, 2018

      ah! that is funny! we used to watch the bird webcams but got out of the habit. the kids loved it!

  2. Gayle Ann March 14, 2018

    I thought you would enjoy it! It reminded me of the Cary Grant film, “My Favorite Wife.”


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