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Sometimes when I’m in a conversation, I can’t find the word I’m thinking of, so I say, “Sorry, I forget words, but you know what I mean?”

And sometimes they offer the very obvious word that I have not been able to fish from my brain of mush, “Were you going to say you took David to school? The word you couldn’t think of was SCHOOL?”

Yes, that is the simple, common word that I could not produce.

I lose words because I am exhausted, and my leftover brain matter is occupied by managing my kids’ sleeping and eating habits. When did they sleep last? How much did they sleep? When will they sleep next, and how will I trick them into sleeping?

Food is another issue entirely. The amount of food data in my head is staggering. I know what foods each kids will and won’t eat, what shapes the need to be cut in, and which cup or plate each kid deems acceptable. I spend a LOT of my day strategizing when to offer snacks, when to withhold snacks, and how to schedule snacks so that my children will not whine at me all day but will also eat their meals. It’s a fine line friend, a fine line.

Then there’s the added complication of trying to make sure they get some sort of variety and occasional nutrition. There’s an exclamation for this, but I forget it.

Oh yeah.


I’m so, so grateful when I can find healthy, easy food options that my kids like. HappyFamily makes a wide variety of delicious, organic food for babies, kids, and even breastfeeding support for mamas.  And it’s all made with premium USDA organic and non-GMO ingredients.

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We particularly love the yogurt. It’s healthy, portable, has probiotics, and it’s made with whole milk. Plus, there’s NO ADDED SUGAR. Go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor. I’ll wait.

I love ’em, my kids love ’em. In a few months, Anna will join us at the table, too.

Bada bing, bada boom.

We picked these up at Publix. Get some yourself (and check out the rest of the options from HappyFamily) HERE.

One day my kids will be more independent with their pickiness — they can peel their own apples and keep their own food from touching. When that happens, I’ll finally be able to speak in complete sentences and keep track of what month it is, and I’ll almost never show up to a social engagement with a nursing pad stuck to my thigh.

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