On our second snow day last week, the boys went outside. Since it was too cold for Anna, I stayed inside. Since I stayed inside, Mary Virginia stayed inside where she could maintain at least one point of contact with me.

The boys were running around, criss-crossing the yard and going into our playhouse, so I was having a hard time keeping track of where they were. David is six, so I mostly trust him to not wander out of the yard, but I don’t trust Thomas with absolutely anything. It was about 20 degrees and windy, and since Thomas is a two-year old human boy, and not a yak, I wanted to keep an eye on him the entire time. That way if anyone did anything reckless, such as removing a glove, I could start screaming like the helicopter mom I shamelessly am.

The boys were dressed mostly identical, and I squinting out in the back yard, I mentioned to Mary Virginia that I was having a tough time telling them apart.

“Oh yeah,” she replied. “That’s because they both have blue eyes.”

I stepped outside just long enough to snap a few pictures, and Mary Virginia stood in the doorway offering a commentary that let me know my helicopter mom-ness had rubbed off. Maybe too much.

“Mommy, why are you taking pictures? Never mind, I know. It’s so if the boys get lost you can show people their picture so they’ll know who to look for.”




  1. Gayle Ann January 10, 2018

    Did you have hot chocolate and warm cookies when they came in from play? When we had snow days, my mother, who taught in our system, always made hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. Even now, when my husband is home because post closes, I make hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, and we suspend normal household chores for a day of movies or games.

    I hate coffee, and drink hot chocolate year round. Perhaps it is because I associate so many wonderful memories with it. Or, it could be just because it tastes better.

    • amandakrieger January 11, 2018

      I always make homemade hot chocolate when they’re out! They love it 🙂 this particular time, though, I had lunch waiting for them, and while I made lunch Mary Virginia made a “cozy nest” with blankets and bean bags.

      • Gayle Ann January 11, 2018

        We are to have a week-end ice storm. They are beautiful at the end, but dangerous. It will be a week-end of cocooning, including hot chocolate, cookies, movies, and some quilting or needlework.

        Have you looked for the pictures of Niagara Falls? We went up a couple of years ago when it was advertised as the most frozen it had been in decades. It was beautiful.


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