If there is any silver lining to my thumb injury, it’s that we got to spend extended time with my mom. After my surgery my mom basically moved in with us. There was a whole battery of things that I simply couldn’t do (buckle carseats or life jackets, manipulate diaper tabs, lift Thomas in and out of his crib) and my mom did all of those things and more.

She cooked, she cleaned, she took care of the kids, and she took care of me. To thank her, we exhausted, brutalized, and tested her patience in the way only three young children (and their mother) can do. She, over and over, proved herself a saint.

In addition to all that cooking and cleaning and care-taking, it was also nice to have someone around to bear the brunt of Mary Virginia’s hilarity for once.

Mary Virginia: I know your favorite animal is a dog, but what is your other favorite animal?

Grammy: I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that for a minute.

Before any time elapses, Mary Virginia taps the drums.

Mary Virginia: When you hear that sound, it means your time is up.

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