Nothing but skin and bones, this one

This is Thomas’s Halloween costume.

halloween 1

I’ve been putting it on him as Halloween approaches for two reasons:

1) Glow-in-the-dark skeleton clothes are completely seasonally appropriate, and this skeleton costume doubles as pajamas!

2)  I’m worried he’ll grow out of it by October 31. After every wash I cross my fingers and hold my breath as I put it on him.

halloween 2

So far, it still fits. But the shirt is getting tight around his belly.

My mom bought it for him when I was still pregnant. When she gave it to me we both shrugged — the baby would be about 5 months on Halloween, and this is size 6-12 months. It might be a little big, we figured, but it’ll be fine.

halloween 3

If my home scale is correct, Thomas weighs almost 19 lbs. Which can’t be right, can it? No, 19 lbs. is impossible.

halloween 4

Halloween is two and a half weeks away, which is plenty of time for a baby to grow out of an outfit.

If he does, he’ll go as a sumo wrestler. It is, after all, the costume he and I have been DIY-ing around the clock since the day he was born.

halloween 5


  1. Christie October 18, 2015

    I make the same joke about my 20+ lb 9-month-old! His older brother wore skeleton pajamas as his Halloween costume, but the same costume does not fit my latest. I love a skeleton baby. I much prefer these as costumes to what they sell for babies to wear. How sweet he is!

  2. Oh he is just a wonderfully chunky boy. If it makes you feel and better my Pip is aged 13 months, wears aged 2-3 clothes and I’m desperately hoping will fit into his glow in the dark skeleton shirt that has been worn by both sisters before him, but it’s size 18-24 months. If it doesn’t fit him, his middle sister at a mere 50th percentile is so petite by comparison it might still fit her!


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