While I was pregnant with them, I knitted blankets for both of my babies. A green one for David, a purple one for Mary Virginia. They have their initials on them, and as soon as they’re born, I use it all the time to try to convince them to choose it as their comfort blanket.

These take a while to make, so I want to get started on one for baby #3. I asked David what color I should make the blanket, and he said red. It’s not a horrible idea except that red is David’s favorite color, and this blanket isn’t for David. Maybe he’s being sweet…or maybe he’s going to try to switch it for his green blanket once it’s done.

I told him we’d go to the yarn store together and we’d pick out a color together, and he exclaimed:

“OK! We will go to the yarn store and we will get some yarn. Then we will come home and put it in a bowl and mix it up and we will MAKE A BLANKET!”

yarn 3

yarn 2

yarn 1

[We came home with red. And while I was taking these photos, David told me that he had a dream that the baby was out and they shared blankets.]

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