The 14 of us

There are almost 700 frame-worthy photos from David and Abby’s wedding, but these posed shots are some of my favorites.

AmandasPic (1)

Jason, Kristie, Amanda, Tom


The Southall grandkids


The girls in matching dresses


The Southall girls


This is a candid picture of my mom and sister between poses. I think I was maybe white-balancing? It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that it’s a beautiful picture. They’re gorgeous, obviously, but I love it because of how relaxed and happy they are. I could stare at this picture for hours.

THIS one, though, is maybe my favorite of the bunch. This is the one that will actually end up in a frame on my wall. This is our first Southall family photo in two years.

Equatorial Guinea for East West Communications
Photo by Sam Dean

Until I saw this photo, I never really realized how big our family is now. We’ve been regularly adding family members since 2003, and now our family of five has grown to a whopping 14.

Look at us! All grown up! With big smiles and kids and spouses! And even better, we’re all well-adjusted members of society!

Mom and Dad, you guys did great.

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  1. elissa September 12, 2014

    such great photos! you have a beautiful family. i love that you can see your love and joy for one another in everyone’s faces.


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