These cute cousins

This is Gabby.
She’s like, the sweetest little thing.

Gabby is my niece, and I got to meet her for the first time a few weeks ago. She is cuddly and adorable and crawled right up in my lap to snuggle.


Gabby and Mary Virginia have also never met. The last time my sister’s family visited, she was 14 weeks pregnant with Gabby, and Mary Virginia was just a glimmer in her daddy’s eye.




But these two must be Facebook friends or something, because they acted like they’ve known each other all their lives. While the rest of the kids were off doing big kid stuff, they shared, played, hugged, and showed belly buttons.


Gabby, especially, was in love with Mary Virginia. She smiled and clapped whenever I brought Mary Virginia into the room.

It was almost like Mary Virginia was a real life baby doll for Gabby, but only better. A real life baby cousin.




(I can’t help but think of these two baby boys.)

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  1. Courtney August 4, 2014

    op, you know they are besties when they show off the belly buttons =) How sweet.


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