On Father’s Day

It’s 8:57 p.m. on Saturday night and Tom is trying to rock Mary Virginia to sleep. My best efforts weren’t working, so he’s taking a turn.

“I’m done,” I said when I walked out of her room.

When I’m tired and I’m frustrated, he takes over, and that’s when I’m most thankful that I’m part of a team.

I’ve joked about Father’s Day before. FATHER’S Day!? What!?  EVERY day is Father’s Day! Someone makes breakfast for you, does the dishes and changes all the dirty diapers? Sounds like a Tuesday to me.

Nearly every day by the time Tom gets home my nerves are fried and the house is in uproar. I’m usually standing at the door, tapping my foot with a look that says, “You said you’d be home by 5:30 and here it is 5:31. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????” He’s our knight and shining armor, who gallops up on a white horse to guide us all through dinner, bath, and bedtime without any casualties.

Obviously, fathers deserve a day, too. So what if I change most of the diapers, that’s not what really matters, because anyone could do that. Being a mommy is hard work, but just as hard is supporting that mommy and loving her when she’s tired and wrung out, and giving her grace and patience when hers is long gone.

I’m so thankful for Tom because of the way he loves our kids, and in awe of the way he loves me.

We sing Sanctuary to our kids when we put them to bed, and he’s on his sixth round. For the rest of my life, whenever I hear that song I’ll think of our kids when they were little, these hard, long, wonderful days, and what a great dad Tom is.

A few of my favorite pictures of our very incredible Daddy.

Tom holding Mary Virginia for the first time. I was in bed and held the camera over my head, hoping to get them in the frame.

Tom often rides his bike to work. When he comes home he, and his bike, are greeted like movie stars.


Memorial Day weekend at Smith Mountain Lake





  1. Courtney June 15, 2014

    Happy Father’s Day! hahaha, definitely can relate to that minute late ‘where have you been!’ bit!

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast June 16, 2014

    This is so sweet. I remember those days of bedtime battles… L is really easy now, but who knows what we’re in for as we start all over again soon!

  3. Emma June 11, 2019

    This is my life right now 🙂 I’m soo thankful every time my husband sees me cracking and takes over whatever I need at that moment.


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