Happy Father’s Day

When my grandma (my dad’s mom) met David for the first time, she asked if Tom helped change diapers. She told me that her husband, my grandfather, never changed diapers.

Are you kidding me? Tom is a diaper-changing specialist. He changed almost all of David’s diapers for the first two weeks of his life, and he changes almost all the diapers whenever he’s home. (He even hangs diapers on the clothes line.)

I asked my mom if my dad changed diapers. Sure enough, he did.

Tom’s dad did, too. This is no surprise coming from a man who used to ask if he could go wake up the babies to play with them.

David has so many fathers in his life; men who are examples of how to be a good man.

They’ll teach David things like how to drive a stick shift, be responsible with money, and how to use a grill like a magic wand. David will be a Steelers fan, know how to start a campfire in the rain, and understand the importance of reading the morning paper.

David will never have a PC vs Mac dilemma, will check Costco first, and will always, always use a coupon.

When David looks at the fathers in his life, he’ll see men who are hardworking, love their wives, and trust Jesus.

I’m so, so glad.

If diaper-changing is any indication, being a daddy has gotten a lot more hands-on in the past few decades. I’m tempted to say it’s the mommies who benefit from having daddy in the parenting trenches, elbow-deep in diapers. And, yes, it is a huge help that Tom changes diapers, but I know the babies enjoy daddy time.

And I like to think the daddies benefit, too.

Happy Father’s Day.

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