From now on we’ll call it “party time” because “bath time” doesn’t quite explain it

Mary Virginia is still in her baby tub, but this is technically their first bath together. And OH MY GOODNESS the fun! The splashing! The giggles! The bubbles!

As soon as I pulled out the camera David turned around, faced the wall, and refused to look up.

“No picture, Mommy.”


No amount of bribery, trickery, or promises to not post the photos on the Internet would get him to turn around.

It’s almost like he knows I’m going to use them to embarrass him when he’s in high school.

Meanwhile, after every frame Mary Virginia was like, “Tag me!!”


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  1. Jenny Ramsey January 14, 2014

    Group baths are the funnest! Did they have a white bucket or any plastic She-ra toys?

  2. April January 21, 2014

    Hi, there! New to your blog, and I love it! Adding you to my Bloglovin’ list right now! I can so relate to the brokenness stuff.

    • amandakrieger January 21, 2014

      yes, i’m often thankful that i have young kids during the blog era so i know i’m not the only one who feels like this…


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