We’ve had a long week over here on Grace St. All weeks are long, but this one was extra long. It all started with a runny nose, which turned into a fever, which turned into four skipped naps and multiple night wakings, which turned in to frayed nerves, short patience, and lots of moments when I needed to stop and ask Jesus for help. Sometimes I actually did.

(Ok, but seriously. Can someone tell me why my 2-year old isn’t sleeping through the night?)

By Friday evening I was so tired and stressed that I was THIS CLOSE to canceling our life. No more play dates! Actually, no more friendship! No more errands! No more public places! Definitely no more exercise.

Last week I had the opportunity to write a guest blog at A Conscious Life. She’s doing a series called “What would you say?” She asked me to answer the question, “If you could go back, with the perspective you have now, what would you say to yourself?” This was an awesome exercise for me. It turned into one of those times when I was preaching to myself: If I had to go back and tell myself something, it would be the same thing I’d tell myself today. Slow down. Rest in Jesus. Trust that the place you’re in right now, no matter how hard or tiring or wonderful it is, it’s teaching you to rely on Jesus, and to put your trust and hope in Him.

Read the whole post here.

We made it to the weekend (we always make it to the weekend). So now we can rest a bit (right, kids?), hang out with Daddy, eat nachos, watch some college football, and not think about Monday.



  1. Katherine A. October 7, 2013

    I’m obsessed with this picture of your children!!!!

  2. Grammy October 7, 2013

    Not sleeping at night? Ugh! I’m always leary of fluid in the ears. David still looks like he may not be 100 percent. Mary Virginia is adorable. She’s looking more like a toddler.


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