I’m a day late. Ash Wednesday was yesterday.

BUT if you’re interested in daily Lenten readings, check out: 


“Lent is a time to ask God to confront our own mortality and sinfulness; to ask Him to show us our need for grace; to grow in repentance; and, to reflect on the amazing truth of the Church’s participation in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ…our texts and readings focus on our need for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  The Cross shows us the depth of our sin and the enormity of our Father’s love for sinners. These thoughts are drawn from Christians who have pondered the Cross of Christ throughout the past twenty centuries, meant to complement the Scriptural witness of God’s unfolding plan of redemption.”


  1. Candace February 24, 2012

    I am interested in daily Lenten readings, thank you!

  2. Laura February 26, 2012

    such sweet pictures!!


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