15 yard penalty for excessive celebration

Tom has been traveling for the past two weeks, and both David and I missed him very much.

When Tom is gone it means I have to take over all the “daddy jobs,” things like taking out the trash and compost, disposing of the birds Brigham leaves on our porch¬†every morning¬†(happy spring to you, too, cat), and getting off the couch to get my own ice cream when Shark Tank is on.

More importantly, when Tom is gone our two-person team is missing its quarterback and MVP.

Tom plays with David differently than I do — he chases him around the house, wrestles with him on the couch, and taught him to play football. David loves football. Whenever Tom says “FOOT-BALL!” David shrieks and goes looking for his football.

They throw, they kick, and every play ends in a tackle or a touchdown. Sometimes both.

But no matter how the down ends, there’s always a touchdown dance.


  1. Meredith March 27, 2013

    hahah I love the dance! He looks so proud of himself!

  2. Grammy March 30, 2013

    I love it how Tom and David Andrew enjoy football together.


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