A day at the beach

You can’t go to Hilton Head without going to the beach.

The weather was a little cool, but not too cool to see the Atlantic for the first time.

He loved the waves, and tried to convince us to just toss him in the water so he could swim away with the dolphins.

But do you see that? That’s Mimi and Pops on the shore playing lifeguard.

No baby is ever cold or crying or tossed into the sea on their watch.

David loved the sand, maybe even more than the ocean.

We sat him down and he got straight to work building sandcastles.

Amazingly, it took him a while to put sand in his mouth; he was content touching it and figuring it out.

Tom and I haven’t taken a beach vacation since we got married, so it was sort of our first beach vacation, too. With big groups of friends (before we were a couple) we’ve been to Daytona Beach, Virginia Beach, and taken a Caribbean cruise. We’re more mountain people than beach people, so now that we’re married we tend to head inland.

So David’s love of sand and sun brings out the defensive side of me, the side that wants to shout, “You think THIS is amazing!? AMATEUR! Just wait till you see the Appalachian Trail!”


  1. Grammy April 21, 2012

    The water looks cold! Even David Andrew’s toes are curled. It looks like fun!!

  2. Jenny Ramsey April 21, 2012

    but you LOVE the water. beach=water. besides, i seem to remember quite a few hours spent riding those little grey rafts on every ripple that we could pretend was a wave.


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