Moving on

We dismantled David’s swing a few weeks ago and sent it to the attic.

It was surprisingly a non-event. I tend to attach fabricated sentimental value to inanimate objects.

This means he is GROWING and getting BIGGER! He LOVED this swing. This swing was responsible for most of his naps for the first three months of his life!

But instead of harping on all that, I’m just grateful to reclaim a little floor space.

Next up is his bouncy seat.

He’s already too big for it, but I need somewhere to put him down while I do laundry.

The straps haven’t fit around him for a while, so I have to stand right beside him to make sure he doesn’t hurl himself to the ground.

Plus, he can do this:

So I really can’t leave him alone. Ever.

Except. For that ONE TIME I left him alone to run into the other room and get the camera.

(That photo was taken over a month ago. In that month he’s gained about 10lbs and no longer fits in that outfit. Plus, turning over in the bouncy seat is now a non-event. Sorta like how no one takes photos of their 6-year old walking. BEEN THERE.)


  1. Grammy March 8, 2012

    It’s hard to believe how David Andrew has grown. And how sweet of him to turnover in his chair!!

  2. Jenny Ramsey March 9, 2012

    so, in other words, you’d like me to stop sending you pictures of caeden walking? <br>i tell you what i should send you a picture of…tyler sleeping, that would be an exciting milestone don’tcha think? if it happens, i will be sure to send along a picture.


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