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I follow a blog called Paradox Uganda, and it’s different than any other blog I’ve read. It’s written by Dr. Jennifer Myhre, she and her family have lived in Africa (mostly Uganda, most recently Kenya) as missionaries through World Harvest Mission for almost two decades.

Like most missionaries, Dr. Myhre has abundant tales of trials, uncertainty, joy, and God’s faithfulness. Her experience is uniquely poignant through her work in pediatrics.

Just imagine working as a pediatrician in a place where this is the daily reality.

The paradox between disappointment and hope, death and life, is exactly what her blog is about. In her own words: paradox: 1. something that combines contradictory features or qualities. Life in Bundibugyo is full of contradictions – the beauty and pain; the abundance and the poverty; the joy and the sorrow. Our lives, too…dying that we might live; strong in our weakness; sinners yet saints. 2. a “pair of docs”

I read this blog because Jennifer Myhre is a gifted writer, and her experiences teach me about Christ, and his hold on the world.

These two posts are particularly. Sad? Yes. But encouraging as well. In the midst of pain, there is hope. Hope because there is a Redeemer.

Read this.

Then this.

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