fifty states #2-#6

amanda and i were invited to a wedding in biloxi, ms, this past summer, and we decided to go and turn the drive down into a highpointing adventure. it was mostly awesome, with one major annoyance – my honda civic had some big issues with brakes that made for a harrowing drive back from mississipi. it turned out fine, however, and we made it back safely. on to the summits:

(i’ll post trip recaps later)

#2: north carolina (virginia was #1 on a previous trip)

mt. mitchell stats:

  • date climbed: 6/16/2010
  • height: 6,684 ft.
  • miles hiked: 11.2 round trip

#3: tennessee

clingman’s dome stats:

  • date climbed: 6/17/2010
  • height: 6,643 ft.
  • miles hiked: 15.4 round trip

#4: georgia

brasstown bald stats:

  • date climbed: 6/17/2010
  • height: 4,786 ft.
  • miles hiked: 1.2 round trip (a paved trail – it was still hard after mt. mitchell and clingman’s in less than 24 hours)

#5: alabama

cheaha mountain stats:

  • date climbed: 6/18/2010
  • height: 2,407 ft.
  • miles hiked: ~1 round trip (no trails, we just hiked up a road)

#6: florida

britton hill stats:

  • date climbed: 6/18/2010
  • height: 345 ft.
  • miles hiked: .1 miles – we were exhausted, there was nowhere to walk. we broke our own rule but we’re counting it nonetheless. definitely not coming back to this one!

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