The hair issue

The other day I was buying some stakes at Home Depot and the cashier commented that, like David, her daughter was bald as a baby. She said she started washing it more and, guess what? Her hair grew! Maybe I should try that! Strangers make comments all the time. No, I don’t cut David’s hair.

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Moving on

We dismantled David’s swing a few weeks ago and sent it to the attic. It was surprisingly a non-event. I tend to attach fabricated sentimental value to inanimate objects. This means he is GROWING and getting BIGGER! He LOVED this swing. This swing was responsible for most of his naps for the first three months

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Not our best day

David woke up last night with a fever. His FIRST fever. So we’re going to stay in bed all day and watch funny cat videos on YouTube. OBVIOUSLY. Have you seen this one? We have…four times already.

How I know I married an honest man

We started giving David some solids. Over the past few days he’s had avocado, potato and banana. He LOVES it. It’s wigged out his digestive system, though. He went from pooping three or so times a day to…zero. I’ve heard this is normal, and that when his system decides to move it will MOVE. I

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