So thankful.

After burning, what? 50,000 calories in the 5k, we celebrated Thanksgiving with not one but two feasts. On Thanksgiving morning David allegedly rolled over. I say alleged because I didn’t see it, Tom was with him. Babies are not allowed to have any firsts while mama is in the shower. After the race we went

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Happy birthday, Dad

Dear Virginia Tech, Today is my dad’s birthday. If you could win out this season it would make his fall of 2011. I know there’s only one regular season game left, but it’s an important one. Sincerely,Amanda WAIT A MINUTE! What’s that? Is this a picture of MYDAD drinking his evening cocktail from a UVA

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Happy (rainy) Halloween

Twelve hours later, my hair is still wet from Halloween. And, no, it’s not because I went as a mermaid.  Who planned the weather last night? Rain on Halloween = major trick-or-treating bummer. I heard the forecast, 50% chance of showers after 6pm, but I couldn’t believe it would actually happen. You see, I’ve been

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Happy birthday, Caleb!

Happy Halloween!More on Halloween later. We have more important festivities to get to first. This little guy had a very exciting weekend.  He went to his first First Birthday Party.  The guest of honor was this little guy. This is David’s cousin, Caleb. We have zero pictures of the two sweetest Kriegers together and there’s no

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Hokie genes

Virginia Tech football… …a family affair. [My sister DID go to UVa…and UVa DID upset #12 Georgia Tech this weekend, which IS sort of a big deal.]

Weekend visitors

This weekend David had some special visitors all the way from Southwest Virginia. He met his great-uncle David. All my life we’ve called my mom’s brother “Uncle David” and, when we need to distinguish the two, my brother has been “little David” or (when he was younger) “baby David.” Now that David Andrew is here,

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Vickie Lee.

For the past month or so our friends and family have been generously providing us with dinner. It’s awesome. Before David was born I thought making dinner for a family was just a nice thing to do. Now I know how incredible it is. We’ve gotten a few rotisserie chickens, and can I just say:

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