A happy day to Abram Bear

TODAY (if you’re in Taiwan. Tomorrow if you’re in America) is this guy’s birthday.

He’s turning three. (He’s been growing that mustache since he was two.)

Abram is the middle child, sandwiched between a strong older sister and an adorable little brother.

Abram, I can relate. You’ve drawn the short straw. Your role as middle child is to be really defensive, pouty, and make your parents feel guilty for dooming you to a life of marginalization. WORKED FOR ME!

This kid is so sweet. Probably the sweetest kid I know.

This is him doing his daily Little Jack Horner routine, with his thumb in a plum.

We Skype with our family in Taiwan pretty regularly. Skyping isn’t really exciting for most kids. Most kids would rather color, or build with blocks, or watch a movie on the computer that is being monopolized by boring old Skype. But Abram is a Skype star. He sits in front of the computer and spells words, shows us his toys or what he’s eating for breakfast, and asks about our cat or Uncle Tom (but usually just the cat).

As faraway relatives, we love every second. We cheer him on and celebrate his every move. What’d you do? Sip some water? AMAZING ABRAM! HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT? YOUR SKILL AND CREATIVITY ARE MIND-BLOWING!

Sometimes he gets really excited to show us something, so he crawls up to the computer and gets so close that the entire screen fills with his forehead; it almost looks like he’s trying to climb through the screen. Usually his big sister sees what’s going on and says, “Abram! That’s TOO CLOSE!”

But it’s not too close.

Happy birthday, Abram Bear.


  1. Grammy March 6, 2012

    Happy Birthday Abram Bear!

  2. Jenny Ramsey March 7, 2012

    i can’t believe he is THREE! happy birthday abram!!!

  3. Kristie March 13, 2012

    The part about skyping kinda made me teary. xoxoxo


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