Turf wars

Today at the grocery store I bought two tomatoes. I have 10 tomato plants in my backyard, but apparently that’s not enough to feed all of our neighborhood squirrels and also my family. Every time I go outside, instead of ripe, red tomatoes, I see tomato carnage. See that stub? That’s where tomatoes should be.

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We’re a cat family

We moved a few plants from our old house to our new one, including three lilies. Our new yard was full of rabbits and in no time they chewed the lilies at the base and left them there looking like trees in a clear-cut forest. Unexpectedly, the lilies came back this year. This time there

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Why you should totally get a cat.

Because IF you have a cat, every now and then you get to open your door in the morning and find THIS: I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, I’VE BEEN MISSING OUT! Have you read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen? If you have, nod with me: Walter would have wanted to poison my cat.